IF smoking & grilling is a passion. trust hephaestus.

We build each Hepahaestus product with
the attention to detail and craftsmanship
second to none

At Hephaestus, we had a dream of creating the best barbecue systems in the world, with an emphasis on quality, great looks and longevity, and we have done it! Hephaestus BBQ, Inc. introduces its flagship model, The Patio-Pro. This multi-use outdoor cooking systems is perfect for cooking all of your outdoor culinary dishes. From cold smoking at 70 degrees, to searing at over 800 degrees, we have it covered. Make mouth-watering barbecued meats, fish and vegetables for your family and friends with the confidence of a professional chef. Why wait for fair weather to enjoy your favorite passion of barbecuing and grilling. Hephaestus makes products for year round outdoor enjoyment. It doesn’t matter what the weather or time of year, now you can be that extreme outdoor chef.

Made in the U.S.A.

These classy work of art, USA Made cooking systems are double walled, food grade stainless steel and insulated. The doors are gasket sealed to keep the
heat and smoke where you need it. On your food while cooking! Wood or charcoal or a combination there of, it is all these units need to achieve cooking temperatures in less than 15 minutes and give the BEST natural flavors possible. Did we mention that since these are so well insulated that the fuel last for many hours (10 hours or more at 250 degrees) on a single load! 

The Hephaestus line is a buildable system. You add the accessories you want to cater to your cooking needs. Add a Pizza Stone for bubbly crust pizza and breads. Extra Grill Racks for catering a party up to 100 people. Love smoking fish and meats? Need to get the Sausage Racks and “S” Hooks. The possibilities are endless!


If you love to cold smoke but the temperatures are too hot in the middle of the summer, try adding a block of ice to the supplied Water Pan to keep it cool. Or if you want to show off that Blue Ribbon brisket, pork butt or chicken to your friends and neighbors, use the Water Pan full while cooking. Your meats will be the juiciest they have ever had. These systems allow you to cook an amazing array of food choices.

Our goal at Hephaestus BBQ, Inc. was to offer our customers a product that will last, cook what we say it will cook and is pleasing to the eye. American made, solid built, you will not have to worry about frustrating break downs or a pile of burnt out units cluttering your patio. From the beginner to the competition master, we have the unit for you. Hephaestus BBQ has assisted in many Blue Ribbon dishes and we are proud of it. You too can enjoy in the success.

Whether you are upgrading your cooking system or building an entire outdoor kitchen, our craftsmanship and attention to details is second to none and will be the stand-out gem in the new addition. Hephaestus is the top choice for designers and chefs alike. If you are a competitor, you will no longer need to have multiple units to cook with. Hephaestus is the One and Only cooking system you will ever need.

Thank you for choosing Hephaestus BBQ, Inc.!


Nick Pothetes, President
Hephaestus BBQ, Inc.





We take pride in hand building
each Patio-Pro here in the USA.
And remember custom colors
are available with our units.