Q: Do the smokers come in different colors?    A: Yes. Custom colors are available at a separately quoted price only. Standard colors are red and stainless.

Q: Do these smokers come in gas or pellet operated?     A: No, Hephaestus products only use lump charcoal, wood or a combination of both.

Q: Where can Hephaestus BBQ, Inc. ship to?      A: We will ship anywhere in the world.

Q: Are the smokers insulated?      A: Yes they are insulated.

Q: How heavy are our smokers?      A: Fully loaded these units are approximately 300 pounds.

Q: What is the pocket on the back used for?      A: Storing accessories including extra grill grates.

Q: How do I control temperature?      A: By opening and closing the vent covers on the lower door.

Q: How long does the water in the water pan last?      A: It depends on how hot the fire is. At 220 degrees the water can last 10 or more hours.