Hephaestus is a Proud Sponsor for the competition BBQ Team BAD BONES BBQ. Bad Bones uses a custom painted black Patio-Pro and the New Grill-Pro Elite during its competitions in both KCBS and the PNWBA. They travel the Northwest and the country competing in over 18 competitions a year. In 2014 they won over 60 awards using the Patio-Pro competing in four categories: brisket, pork, chicken, and ribs. They have won 9 Grand Championships and had Brisket of the Year in the PNWBA 2014.

Hephaestus is proud to be able to contribute in supporting BAD BONES BBQ and wishing them all the success in their bbq adventures.

If you wish to inquire about some Championship Slow-Smoked Artisan BBQ for your event contact Brian Gurney at 503.702.3580.