The Amazing Grill Pro

Introducing our NEW grill and smoker, the Grill-Pro Elite. The Patented design of the Grill-Pro Elite is the perfect grill for all
your grilling needs. This isn’t your typical barbeque, it works as a grill with the use of the crank handle to
move the fire box under the grill grate, it also works as a water smoker and pizza oven as well!

Water Smoker
Pizza Oven

The 304 stainless steel cabinet is built to last. The Grill-Pro Elite has loads of optional accessories to meet your specific needs.
We are proud to offer the Grill-Pro Elite as AMERICAN MADE and fully assembled!
All Grill-Pro Elite's include two cooking grates, a water pan and a removable ash pan with purchase of the unit.
We also offer additional accessories that include:

Colored Doors   |   Stainless Standard
Additional Grates   |   Pizza Stone   |   Drip tray
Pedestal Base   |   Casters Standard   |   Competition Cart
Grill cleaning Tool   |   charcoal box   |   wood Pizza Peel
bbq cover   |   ash pan   |   water pan



The top chamber of the Grill-Pro Elite is for grilling and smoking. Raise the fire box under the upper grill grate to sear with extreme heat.
Removable and sliding stainless steel grates hold up to 8 racks of ribs or more using a rib rack.


The middle chamber is shown with the optional water pan and and fire box below. Place the optional drip pan where needed or move
it to the middle chamber and add water to utilize the water smoker feature. By raising the firebox up beneath the grill grate,
you can create temperatures rivaling the best brick ovens and grills.


The bottom chamber of the Grill-Pro Elite contains the moveable firebox. Control the barbeque’s temperature by using the adjustable air inlets located in the front.
Raise the firebox up for the perfect steak searing grill or pizza oven.

(Photos, descriptions, and products shown may not match actual product.)

Grill-Pro Elite Data Sheet Download Click Here.