Patio-Pro User Manual

Always exercise extreme caution when using the Patio-Pro or any hot cooking equipment.

The Patio-Pro is one of the finest quality outdoor cooking ovens and while the unit is hot use caution when touching the exterior.

Always keep children, pets and combustible items away from the Patio-Pro.

The Patio-Pro must be on a level surface to function properly. Never put it on a slope or uneven surface. Once in position use the locking casters. Do not attempt to move the unit once it is in place, as this could cause hot coals or embers to spark. NOTE- If using the Water Pan, it will splash out on to your fire or create an unwanted mess.

Keep away from low hanging tree branches, dry grass or any low hanging eaves, roof tops or shelters.

Never attempt to remove hot coals. Always close the two intake vents located on the front of the lower fire pit access door and allow the coals to extinguish.

Never remove the spark screens from the intake vents except to clean. Always replace the screens immediately.

Always keep the intake vents closed completely when not in use.

Keep the fire pit access door closed at all times except when you are attempting to add fuel, start your fire or remove the ash pan for cleaning.
The Patio-Pro is designed to burn charcoal briquettes, lump wood charcoal or hardwoods ONLY.

Never use soft woods such as pine or fir and NEVER burn garbage or trash of any kind in this unit.

Always use starter fuel appropriate for lighting charcoal, lump wood charcoal or hardwoods and is designed for cooking. Never use gasoline or any other combustible products.

Note- Always be cautious and avoid the exhaust area at the top as it is extremely hot and will burn.

Some notes for Pre-Planning are mentioned below. This may not include all steps required for what you are cooking so please plan carefully.


Position the Patio-Pro where needed, taking care to heed safety actions mentioned in the Safety Tips portion of this manual.

Use the crank handle on the right side of the Patio-Pro to adjust the height of the fire grate. Move the fire grate to the lowest setting while adding charcoal, wood lump coal or hardwoods. This setting can be observed by simply opening the lower unit door.                          

Install any temperature gauge probes through the probe tunnel located on the upper backside of the Patio-Pro.

Put in the Water Pan and add desired amount of water if using this technique. Do not use the water pan when grilling at the highest setting.

Add additional food grates if needed.

Lay down protective patio shield or carpet to keep food oils, grease or food splatter from harming the surface.


The Patio-Pro has three main cooking options. Grilling, Barbecuing and Smoking. These techniques allow for endless options of cooking meats, chicken, fish, vegetable, casseroles, breads and even pizza. You now have one cooking unit for all of your culinary cooking needs.

The Doors and Latches are designed to create a tight seal to keep the heat and smoke in the Patio-Pro. Using your right hand to lift up on the ball latch and with your left hand on the door handle, you can now push to close the door and latch or pull to open.

After reviewing the Safety Tips and following the steps in the Pre-Planning notes, you can now add your choice of charcoal, hardwood or both to the fire grate. Use approximately 5 lbs. or less of charcoal to start or until you get familiar with the heat capabilities of the Patio-Pro. Completely open the two air intake vents on the lower front door. Add your appropriate ignition fuel and light. Close the lower door keeping the vents open until the charcoal or wood is lit. Approximately 20-30 minutes. (You can also use a charcoal chimney to start your coals.) If the coals fail to ignite, never add liquid fire starter to attempt to start the coals as this could cause serious damage to person or property. Instead try using a solid fire starter pack to restart the coals.

Using the Crank Handle on the right side of the Patio-Pro, you can position the fire grate at the top setting for grilling steaks, burgers and high heat foods, in the middle for pizza, breads and casseroles. Use the lowest setting for barbecuing large roasts, turkeys, smoked meats and even cold smoking cheese. The crank handle can be used to move the fire source up through the interior of the chamber into position or raise the temperature near the food. Experimenting with the fire grate settings will allow you to become more familiar with the Patio-Pro’s capabilities and advantages for your cooking desires. Although heat adjustments can be made by moving the fire grate closer to your cooking area, try adjusting the air intake vent covers on the front of the lower door. Opening the vents will raise the temperature and closing the vents will lower the temperature. This will allow for more accuracy and heat control of the internal temperatures. The Patio-Pro is capable of temperatures as low as ambient air to plus 700 degrees above the fire grate. With practice you will be able to master the techniques for cooking and smoking cheese, pizza, ribs, briskets, pork butts, thick juicy steaks, vegetables and much more.


Clean-up is easy!

ALWAYS allow the Patio-Pro to cool completely.

If you used the Water Pan during your last cooking session, be careful to remove from the Patio-Pro. Appropriately discard any liquids that remain in the pan. Clean with a degreaser and soapy warm water.

Scrape the excess food particles from the stainless steel cooking grate.   Allow the particles to fall down into the removable Ash Pan. With a brush clean off loose materials from the inside chamber of the Patio-Pro.  Allow this material to fall into the removable Ash Pan as well.

Removal of the Ash Pan located at the bottom of the interior chamber. Check to see that this has cooled completely before removing.  NEVER remove hot ashes or coals. Always allow them to extinguish completely before removing. It is wise to clean out the Ash Pan after every use. Failure to do so could affect the ability of the Patio-Pro to function properly.

NEVER use water or any other cleaning solution on the interior of the Patio-Pro.

Cleaning tips for the exterior of the Patio-Pro.

Use a product suitable for stainless steel cleaning and wipe with a soft cotton rag. NEVER use abrasives on the unit or on the powder coated doors. This will cause severe damage to the surface.

Store the Patio-Pro out of the weather in a safe location. Use a Hephaestus BBQ cover that is designed to fit the Patio-Pro. This will help in assisting to protect from most weather.